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Fire Hall Utility


Fire Hall Utility

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Send 911 Alerts To Your Members Instantly: Fire Hall Utility will automatically forward any 911 alerts to all of the members that you have entered in the system via text message. Every member gets a link with the text message. When clicking on the link, if the member has a smart phone, the member will see a map of the location of the alert.
Automatic Mapping and Turn by Turn Directions: You can access the location of any call processed by our system using a computer or any mobile device. Every time we alert your members with the detailed information of a call, they are given a link to view a map of the call on their smart phone. We also have a specially designed APP for Smartphones and Tablets that will give you turn by turn directions to the location of the call including hydrant mappingNumber of Responding Members: Your members can check-in as responding to a fire call which is then displayed in multiple ways for convenience. You can set up a screen in a fire hall to show the number of responding members to a fire call. The iPad/iPhone APP and the Smart Phone App will both display the number of responding members as well.


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