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Respond to calls faster by getting the essential details right in your phone. No more copying down dispatch information or trying to enter an address while driving.

  • Uses Apple Push instead of SMS
  • Converts hard-to-read dispatch data into legible sections
  • Manage past and current calls in an orderly way
  • Automatically maps alarm location
  • Coordinate response with others using real time map!
  • Access relevant photos and documents from your phone

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  1. Ryan says:
    Posted October 15, 2013 at 1:44 PM | Permalink

    We are very pleased with the Active911 application, and still need improvements with the mapping aspects associated with the application. Presently many of the roads and ranges are not correct with Apple and Google. We have tried to locate contact information for these groups to offer updated and correct mapping information without success.

    Our organization is the mapping authority for our county in SW Missouri, and we simply do not have any contact information to allow us to get these maps updated.

    Our responders love the application!

    One other item we would like to see is for the application to mark a call as read if it is automatically opened.

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