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From iTunes

Have you ever been frightened to come home from a party at 2 o’€™clock in the morning? With “BeSafe!”€, evaluate your level of risk in real time! *BeSafe! – Security in Your Pocket* “BeSafe!” is the first application in the world that assesses your level of risk, based on your location and on the time of day.

Now you can see how dangerous your neighborhood is, as well as view major crimes, gangs, pickpockets and dangerous subway stations around you!

“BeSafe!” is available for Paris, New York and London, and can also be extremely useful if you are traveling abroad.

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From Application Website

BeSafe! uses actual statistics to calculate its safety index. The data is originated from police reports, as well as private research conducted by Ephemeris Entertainment in 2011. ““BeSafe!”” makes no claims as to the accuracy or validity of this data. The”“BeSafe!”” application is for novelty purpose only, no decision should be made on the basis of the information provided by the “BeSafe!” application. Decisions to move from or to a certain area are the sole responsibility of the user. “BeSafe!” may not be held liable for such decision or for the consequences of such decision.

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