Bluetooth Video Chat

Bluetooth Video Chat


Bluetooth Video Chat

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From the Developer

“Video Walkie Talkie”. In some situations it may be useful for two iOS devices to be able to video conference when WiFi and cellular data are not available. Bluetooth Video Chat pairs two devices within range of each other over a wireless Bluetooth connection.For Example: An iPhone running Bluetooth Video Chat can be lowered into a well with its LED light on to transmit sound and video back to personnel above ground. If there is a person trapped in the well, that person could grab the iPhone and communicate with those who are rescuing him. In this example: WiFi may not be available; cellular signals may not reach underground into the well; and specialized video equipment may take time to arrive on scene whereas iPhones are relatively common. 





This is not a lifeline utility. This is a utility of last resort in situations where video conferencing is useful and Bluetooth is the only option.