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Chirange Commander

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From the Developer

Chirange has inbuilt flexibility, you can subscribe to our secure enterprise cloud service or host Chirange on your organisation’s own servers/network, you can deploy Chirange Incident Commander as a standalone application or integrate it with existing computer systems or your own data sources.  Chirange is a totally scalable solution, you can start small and grow the system to meet your operational needs, add more tablets, add more GPS trackers, at any time. You can mix and match the hardware to meet your own particular requirements, may be not every device needs to be rugged, you choose what hardware you need, and you may be able to utilise existing GPS tracking devices .


  • Easy usability
  • Secure Cloud Service or Host on your own servers
  • Shared Incident View
  • Geo-fencing Zone Alerts 
  • Real-time GPS tracking and incident updates
  • GPS tracking of personnel and assets (callout box info) each person has their last name displayed under the position icon
  • Commanders/Users Positioning
  • Position Assets on the map
  • On screen icons/symbols and annotation
  • Web browser based Administration
  • Full audit trail and logging
  • Incident Replay (Video) 
  • Incident Reports
  • Viewing only what you want to see, turn on/off layers
  • Intelligent Digital Forms 
  • Decision Log  
  • View multiple incidents from any location 
  • Create incident reference points 
  • Dynamic on-screen measuring
  • Distance measuring tool
  • Create mesh search grid lines with automatic reference numbering 
  • Regional Settings
  • (imperial, metric, time zones)  
  • IM Messaging, Photo sharing and Live Video Streaming 
  • Live weather data feeds 
  • Water Hydrant location and status 
  • Map Tools
  • Operational Mode Changes
  • GPS tracking breadcrumb trail




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