Cliqtalk Instant Collaboration

Cliqtalk Instant Collaboration


Cliqtalk Instant Collaboration

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From the Developer

Cliqtalk is an instant collaboration service for communities, public safety staff, support & volunteer organizations, where users can discuss topics and share mobile device photos. Information exchange occurs in local areas, or globally, and access is seamless between smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

You can quickly set a Cliqtalk topic as a collaboration environment. Send email invites to others to follow the topic and collaborate by posting in shared blogs, in forums, or by exchanging private messages. For example, police officers can use a Cliqtalk topic to share tips, or firefighters could use a Cliqtalk topic to share pre-incident planning information.

You can elect to receive email or mobile text (sms) alerts upon new posts in a followed topic. Cliqtalk can also alert your Facebook social network about your latest post.

Contact us at: to set a private Cliqtalk service for your organization.




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Cliqtalk is accessed from the mobile Safari browser at


Cliqtalk can be set as a private service for organizations that want their staff to leverage instant collaboration through blogs, forums, and private messaging.