Crime Mapping

Crime Mapping


Crime Mapping

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From iTunes has been developed by The Omega Group to help law enforcement agencies throughout North America provide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity in their neighborhood. Our goal is to assist police departments in reducing crime through a better-informed citizenry. Creating more self-reliance among community members is a great benefit to community oriented policing efforts everywhere and has been proven effective in combating crime. Downloading this FREE application will give you access to the following features:

– Map out crime activity near your current location
– Investigate crimes occurring near your home, work or school address
– Identify any crime by type, time or date of occurrence
– Filter your search for specific crime types such as burglary or assault
– Subscribe to free Crime Alerts!

The Omega Group is constantly working to increase the number of policing agencies we serve. If we don’t have coverage for your area we encourage you to let your local police or sheriffs department know about Mobile. We will continue to work to increase awareness and extend the reach of law enforcement by empowering the public with timely and accurate crime data.