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CrimeView NEARme

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CrimeView NEARme is a revolutionary location-based services application for law enforcement by the Omega Group developed in partnership with Red Brain inc., to leverage the power of the CrimeView suite of products with the agility of cloud-based mobile software development. CrimeView NEARme provides officers with a GPS-enabled map of points of interest in their immediate vacinity. Points of interest consist of information maintained by agencies in their own records management systems: the location of recent crimes, the addresses of sex offenders, parolees, gang members, or wanted individuals. With CrimeView NEARme, officers receive location-relevant information securely in the field. CrimeView NEARme is an always-available, secure gateway to law enforcement data systems supporting proactive policing in the community.

CrimeView NEARme includes the following key features:

  • location-aware map that updates as an officer moves with police points of interest
  • support for multiple points of interest types including: Gang Members, Parolees, Sex Offenders, Active Warrants, Incident Reports, and more
  • multiple levels of filtering to allow map data to be tailored to an officer’s preferences or patrol needs
  • integration with agency record management systems (may require additional server components)
  • integration with agency mugshot databases
  • address search
  • oblique aerial photographs and Streetview images
  • field reporting tools for collection of contact and invalid address information
  • multiple agency access

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