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From the Developer

e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine – Connecting Care Providers for Tomorrow’s Healthcare TodayGeneral Devices’ e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine system is a fully integrated, systems approach to telemedicine for Mobile Healthcare, EMS and Community Paramedicine. e-Bridge Mobile is comprised of “building-blocks” that have been designed to work together as a fully integrated communications and information management system. This unique approach is what provides e-Bridge the flexibility to evolve to meet your changing needs – something consumer grade or expensive single purpose equipment just can’t match.More than a bridge between the ED and the field, e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine is your bridge to the future. Secure, HIPAA compliant for

  • Day-to-day & Disaster Response
  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare / Community Paramedicine
  • Decision Support & Documentation
  • Live Video & Store / Forward
  • Pictures – Data – Forms
  • 12-Lead & monitor data capable
  • SIP Compatible video




Scalable subscription plans


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