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Tap on the EmergenSee and you instantly begin streaming video, audio, gps location in real-time to first responders who can start a two-way text conversation and send help.




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  1. MarketingMom says:
    Posted July 7, 2014 at 7:24 PM | Permalink

    Actually TRUE! The EmergenSee App (Personal Security System – So much more than just another app) is the ONLY Live Streaming Video w/ Audio and GPS in Real Time. While streaming video it also records the incident with time/date watermark for your files.

    – EmergenSee does Stream to a Professional Monitoring Center with Professionally Certified Live Agents to handle your situation – Sending the appropriate help you need. With live video and GPS the Responders are briefed on your particular situation and arrive with full situational awareness. (Through a subscription)
    – Where you may have been confused is that EmergenSee offers a FREE Version – This Free Version (available to everyone) is for you to choose 3 Pre-Selected Contacts that will receive your Live Streaming Video and GPS Locations during an emergency or witness to a crime / someone else in need of help.
    – In addition to these two examples – EmergenSee also licenses to many Universities and Businesses that have their own security infrastructure, they monitor their own Campuses and Professionals / Business Travels in the event of an emergency.

    Just go to http://emergensee.com – They’ll answer all your questions / concerns.

  2. LDavis says:
    Posted November 22, 2013 at 6:53 PM | Permalink

    Unable to load video so I may not fully understand but the front page ad is misleading. It makes you think you can stream video to any agency and this is not true. If someone had this app and thought they could use anywhere they would be misled. I would not use this app knowing the technology for being recived by responders is not in this area. I think it needs more explanation on the front side,

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