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EMS Guidebook allows the user to view the medical protocols of specific EMS agencies. This guidebook is meant to be a replacement of the traditional flip book guides that EMTs and Paramedics carry for reference on emergency calls.The iPhone version of this app contains two parts. The first and main part of this app is a menu system that leads the user to the protocol data of specific agencies. The second part of this app is a collection of tools that will be useful to EMS personnel while on the scene of an emergency call.The tools included are:

  • Drug Dose Calculator – This is a calculator that will assist the user in finding the correct dose for several EMS medications. It calculates both the adult and pediatric doses.
  • Vitals Recorder – This tools allows the user to record basic vitals and send them by text to any other phone number. This is particularly useful if the first responding unit is not going to be the unit transporting the patient.
  • Glasgow Coma Score Calculator – This useful tool assists the user in determine the patient’s Glasgow Coma Score (GCS).
  • APGAR Calculator – Let’s be honest. Who can remember what the 2nd A in APGAR is? This calculator helps the user determine the newborn’s APGAR score.

The iPad version of this app does not contain the tools that the iPhone version contains.

There are four agencies and one set of generic protocols currently available for download.  The specific agencies protocols require passwords to download. Those passwords are available from the agency’s Training Officer. The Generic Protocols are available without a password.

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