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From the Developer

Extractions Zones saves the lives of victims across the globe who are injured in automobile accidents and, at the same time, provides protection for the brave first responders who are risking their lives to save them.  Extraction Zones accomplishes this through the development and distribution of a digital guide, in the form of a mobile application, designed to help first responders efficiently adapt to each unique accident and employ the most effective method of extrication possible.In a vehicle accident, time is precious.  Emergency personnel who arrive on the scene must swiftly extricate trapped passengers to get them to the hospital to prevent further injury or death.  These incidents happen far more frequently than most people would expect as there are over six million vehicle accidents each year which are responsible for the deaths of 115 people every day in the U.S..  For the modern day professional fire fighter, responding to a serious traffic accident is far more common than responding to a working structure fire.  Despite the common belief that EMS personnel utilize the “jaws of life” by simply cutting and prying around the car to extract the victim inside, the actual process is much more complicated.  When the “jaws of life” were developed, steel and aluminum were the only common automobile metals, and these tools could cut vehicles open with considerable ease as long as personnel avoided the engine and fuel tank.  As automobile technology has advanced at an astounding rate, obstacles have become a factor making it not only extremely difficult but highly dangerous for first responders to extricate accident victims.  Modern car manufacturers utilize stronger alloy metals, reinforced roll cages, complicated electrical systems, multiple batteries, and airbags throughout the car.  Intended to increase safety, once the vehicle is in an accident and the passengers need to be extricated, these very same safety features become extremely hazardous to the victims and EMS personnel trying to save their lives.

Extraction Zones has developed a solution to this eminent danger with their mobile application designed to guide first responders through the complicated process of vehicle extrication.  As a result, response personnel will be able to provide medical teams addressing the victim within lifesaving minutes otherwise lost to the guesswork and hesitancy that comes with trauma patients.  The app is distributed through Apple and Android.