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In an emergency, seconds count. There is currently a disconnect between first responders inside and especially outside their jurisdictions, hindering their ability to be situationally aware of emergencies and other law, fire, and ems units in their area. This puts officers at unnecessary risk and inflates response times, thus putting communities at greater risk. GeoSafe bridges everyone and everything together with easy-to-use software that allows the communication of critical data to the field and even to neighboring agencies on a different system.

Key Features

  • View 911-CAD info on your smart device
  • Live GPS tracking of vehicles
  • Instant messaging and agency alerts
  • Interagency communication (911 CAD Calls/GPS/Chat/Alerts) with other GeoSafe agencies
  • Third-party data integration (fire hydrants, County floorplans, medical records databases, etc.)
  • NCIC Query access
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, and Windows
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