ICE Standard with Smart911 App

ICE Standard with Smart911 App


ICE Standard with Smart911 App

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From the Developer

ICE Standard applications – the #1 Emergency Information Apps on iTunes – can help save your life. They do this by putting your emergency health information on the lock screen of your phone so EMTs can get it as quickly as possible, and by working with Smart911™ so that if you call 911 while in a Smart911-enabled community 911 operators get your medical information automatically. As seen on the Today Show and in the New York Times.ICE Standard applications have been developed by the About the Kids foundation, a nonprofit organization, with input from EMTs, police officers, firefighters and emergency room personnel.Note: the phone is regarded as a backup location for your emergency medical information, as in an accident your phone may be damaged, overlooked or out of power. A physical emergency card is the best way to provide health information for emergency personnel.Dedicated to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. This app is a 5 Million Dollar value provided FREE by About The Kids Foundation.(New York Times reference: “In Case of Emergency: My Cellphone Knows What to Do,” by Kit Eaton, 7/3/2013).





Right now ICE Standard with Smart911 App is a 5 STAR Rated App. Smart911 National Database is supporting 450 Cities and over 840 Colleges and Universities across 45 States.


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