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iICS is an iPad incident command magnet board simulator that allows the tracking and coordination of units and groups by simply dragging magnets. Up to 90 magnets can be placed on the incident board and the app can save up to 84 unit magnets and 84 group magnets. To remove a magnet from the incident drag it off the incident board and it will be returned to the unit or group view.

Magnets can be created in the incident view or in the group or unit views by selecting a color and providing a title for the magnet. To edit an existing magnet simply double tap on it. Magnets can also be arranged in unit and group views to allow frequently used magnets to appear first.





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  1. jongoldman@derrynh.org says:
    Posted November 20, 2013 at 7:44 PM | Permalink

    This app is fair. It could be improved and made much more cost effective if there was the ability to either quickly draw, or place a “building” on the screen so that I could not only manage my apparatus, but place them in the board where they are in relation to what task they are performing on the fireground. If there was a way to overlay a google map view of the building that would make it even better,

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