Lancaster County Emergency Radio

Lancaster County Emergency Radio


Lancaster County Emergency Radio

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From the Developer

Mobile access to Lancaster County’s public WebCAD information.Listen to emergency responders in Lancaster and surrounding County on Police, Fire, and EMS radio feeds. Monitor county dispatch and fireground operations.Lancaster County Emergency Radio geolocates live emergency incident responses for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Find the location and description of current fire, EMS, and traffic incidents. Live radio stream lets you listen to the events as they unfold. While listening, LanCo Emergency shows you where the incident is, describes what is happening, and provides the details of who is involved.

LanCo Emergency also provides invaluable information while travelling. By knowing the location of potential traffic problems, you can plan your route to avoid the possible delays.

Features include:

– Access to multiple live radio streams for Police, Fire, and EMS in Lancaster County, PA

– Map showing current location of all fire, ems, and traffic incidents

– Route from current location to the incident

– Popup window showing type of incident and responding units

– List view of all current emergency incidents with a list of first responders, their location and the response time

– Information is automatically refreshed every two minutes so that you can follow the information as it changes and know when the emergency has cleared.

– Descriptive icons indicate the type of incident.

– Detail window describing the nature of the incident, time that it occurred in the local time for the device, location, and easily viewed list of responding units.

– Zoom from detail screen to individual incident location on map.





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