Lost Person Behavior

Lost Person Behavior


Lost Person Behavior

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From the Developer

Every Public Safety Official and search and rescue provider needs to know where the subject might be, what to ask, where to look, and what to do when minutes matter. Even in remote locations, the app functions without a network connection. This life-saving information is customized for 41 different subject types. The categories are organized into a hierarchy of groups including external factors (abductions, aircraft), water incidents (boats and persons in the water), wheeled incidents (ATV, mountain bikes, vehicles, etc.), mental states (autism, dementia, despondent, intellectual disability, mental illness, etc.), children (in age groups), and 18 outdoor activities (hiker, hunter, gatherer, skier, etc.). The app guides the user in selecting the correct subject category by several means, a subject category wizard (user selects potential scenarios and then wizard suggest the best match), go straight to a subject category by using favorites, an alphabetical list, or the hierarchy list.
Once the subject category is selected, the Lost Person Behavior App provides the user with; behavioral profiles, tactical briefings, investigative questions, reflex tasks, and subject statistics. The subject statistics provide information on distances from the last seen point, elevation changes, mobility time, find location, spatial statistics, and survivability information. 




Developed with funding from DHS S&T SBIR contract