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Ping4alerts! is a mobile notifications and communications solution that leverages the location-based services of today’s smartphones and tablets to send rich multimedia alerts and messages to users based on their location and categories of information they opt in to receive.There are two components to the ping4alerts! solution:

  • Sender: a public safety agency or organization with a ping4alerts! license and Internet connectivity.
  • Receiver: anyone with the free ping4alerts! app on an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device with cellular, WiFi and/or GPS connectivity.

Senders login to a secure, web portal to create, target and send alerts. Receivers simply download the free ping4alerts! app and select their categories of interest.

Using any web browser, the platform operator gains access to a secure, cloud-based web portal and enters alert text, adds accompanying rich media and chooses when and where to broadcast their message.

After downloading the free app and accepting its terms and conditions, the end user need only turn on location-based services to receive alerts anywhere in the world. When the end-user’s location-aware device enters or exits a geofence, the device instantly receives any relevant push notifications. This powerful mobile communications platform works without any personal information from end users.





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  1. 911Geocacher says:
    Posted June 26, 2014 at 11:00 PM | Permalink

    Ping4alerts! is a great idea for a mobile alerting app . This app alerts people who are actually in or enter through an area where an urgent message needs to be communicated based on the location provided by their cell phone.

    I installed this app to check out the features and was disappointed to learn that many of the features don’t work in the area I live because this app is not used by local agencies. It would have been nice to know what areas are using the app, although I will keep the app on my phone in the event that I pass through an area that utilizes the program.

    The sex offender registry is a good idea, however again, I was not able to view any data in this feature because it’s not currently offered in my area.

    One thing that concerned me was one of their promotional videos was advertising the commercial use of the product. Businesses can sign up and they advertised that when a person is near a business that participates in the commercial advertising that they will get alerts on their phone. One business owner said she uses the system to broadcast the daily specials when a person is nearby. I’m kinda torn on whether an emergency alerting app should be combined with a commercial advertising. I’d rather see the commercial advertising portion be an “opt-in” or a different app altogether and I did not see those settings on my phone.

    Overall – a great idea, but I think the usage by public safety agencies needs to be broader for the app to carry much weight.

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