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You have a list of friends that you accept being pinged by and they accept to be pinged. You send the ping. Your pal’s app receives the ping, checks the phone position through GPS, WiFi positioning etc depending on the phone, and returns the position in a reply. Everything displayed on a map for you.


  • Easily locate friends and family
  • Select friends in your contact book to make them Ping Pals
  • Your phone answers with your position even when you can’t answer (Android, coming on iPhone)
  • Manage groups of friends (coming premium feature)
  • Show your Pals moving speed and direction (coming premium feature)


  • No constant location sending. Pingpal just answers when it’s been pinged.
  • Pre-load maps when you have good coverage or over WiFi (coming premium feature)
  • Saves you money when roaming abroad
  • Lowest possible requirement on data bandwidth coverage
  • Saves battery since the GPS is only activated when you are pinged


  • We only store your phone number on our servers as your ID
  • Your positions, pings, etc are NEVER stored centrally
  • Only friends in your pals list can ping you
  • When you don’t want to be ping-able at all simply turn off PingPal




Download from Google Play

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This is the first release. We have many features in the pipe that will enhance the safety of the users, including Alarms, Auto-respond with position (when for instance unconscious), text chat and walkie-talkie.