Rail Crossing Locator

Rail Crossing Locator


Rail Crossing Locator

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NOTICE: Report grade crossing emergencies by calling the phone number posted at the grade crossing or call 911 if the number is missing.The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Rail Crossing Locator allows users to access the highway-rail grade crossing database and map features on an iPhone or iPad. Users can: locate crossings by USDOT Crossing ID, address or geo-location; access inventory records submitted by states and railroads; and view accident history. Users can also select from multiple base map features and identify railroad crossings by special characteristics. This new app will empower the public (including transportation, emergency response, and community and safety organizations) to join our efforts to further improve grade crossing safety. States and Railroads are responsible for the accuracy of the grade crossing physical and operating characteristics within inventory records.…always eXpect a train…Key Features:
– Locate highway-rail grade crossings near your location
– Locate highway-rail grade crossings by USDOT Crossing ID
– Locate highway-rail grade crossings by address or by exploring the map
– Locate highway-rail grade crossing by characteristics such as Railroad, Position, Type, or Quiet Zone
– View the official USDOT highway-rail grade crossing inventory record with characteristics
– View the official USDOT collision record with accident/collision history for specific crossings
– Provide the FRA with information about crossings

For more about rail safety or the FRA visit:
FRA: http://www.fra.dot.gov/Page/P0001
FRA’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/USDOTFRA
FRA’s twitter: https://twitter.com/USDOTFRA
FRA Safety Data Site: http://safetydata.fra.dot.gov/officeofsafety/default.aspx

For more about highway-rail grade crossing safety visit:
Operation Lifesaver: http://oli.org




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