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Reroute is a web and mobile application that provides safe alternative routes for pedestrians based on crime and lighting data in the City of Champaign.

With the amount of crimes that pedestrians are subject to, it is becoming increasingly important for them to find the safest routes while walking. Reroute gives the community a simple way to find and visualize this. Each route alternative is scored from 0-100 based on how many crimes occurred along that route and how lit the area is. The higher the score, the safer the route.

Pedestrians now have the ability to see which areas are safer. They get the freedom to decide whether they should take a safe, slightly longer route vs. a less safe, shorter route.

Data is kept up-to-date on a monthly basis. Our database has over 4,800 public lights and thousands of crime points. Lighting data is provided by and crime is provided by

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