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From Application Website

The SafeDose mobile application helps nurses and pharmacists avoid the nightmare of ten-fold dosing errors that has plagued acute care, especially acute pediatric care, for years. With SafeDose, you can virtually eliminate “Death by Decimal Point.”

SafeDose lets you compare in seconds almost any order of oral and/or parenteral medications against the huge, pre-calculated Artemis database. It’s like having a pharmacist (and Doctor Broselow) looking over your shoulder to make sure any dose you give is accurate.

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From Google Play

SafeDose is a drug dosing and administration reference app specialized for EMS and the Emergency Room. In an emergency setting, getting the correct dose in mL to a patient is critically time-sensitive. SafeDose provides the correct dose for hundreds of acute care and other drugs in seconds.

First responders and EMS staff can use SafeDose to log patient status, drug administrations and caregiver actions. The SafeDose “photo feature” can record time-stamped pictures of the patient, instrument settings and accident scene.

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Free for Blackberry; $19.99 for iOS; $9.99 for Android


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