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SafetyCheck Louisville

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SafetyCheck is a mobile app that gives you a crime score based the number of crimes around your current location. The app shows a CrimeScore from 1 to 10 of your current safety level, and the number of recent crimes in your area.

NOTE: This location-based app will ONLY work in LOUISVILLE, KY, USA. More cities coming soon after launch.

SafetyCheck is useful for city visitors, social workers, new police officers, city workers, and any residents moving around the city.

SafetyCheck can then drill down to see a list of area crimes, and map them, and get details about each individual crime. And you can see nearby places of interest.

If needed, you can call your local Police Division number to report a problem.

Your location is automatically updated as you move around. It’s reverse geocoded to find the nearest address on the fly.

You can go to settings and adjust the frequency that the app checks, to save battery life.

A great feature is push notifications. You can set your score threshold so that SafetyCheck can alert you when you enter an high crime area, even if the app is not open.

Currently the score comes from a proprietary formula based on a combination of location, type of crime, and date, and standardized across the entire city. You can use this CrimeScore in your apps with our API.

We think SafetyCheck can give visitors and residents peace-of-mind and access to detailed crime reports to help inform their decisions, help local police, and know their neighborhoods better.

The app was created using the Your Mapper ( API in conjunction with app developer Eric Roland. Get the CrimeScore for any location on your site using our API and widgets.

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. But our location tracking alert feature uses geo-fencing, which has almost no impact on battery life.






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  1. user 318 crimescore says:
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    Our CrimeScore give you a safety grade at your current location. It’s available in many major cities and uses a complex statistical analysis to determine the score. People can use our widget and API to get the score in their website or app. Our SafetyCheck app for iPhone uses our CrimeScore API.

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