SOS – Stay Safe!

SOS - Stay Safe!


SOS – Stay Safe!

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 Read disclaimer.

From the Developer

  • With just a shake of the phone the app sends:
    • An automatic text message/SMS and/or an email to your contacts with your name and a voice recording
    • Your exact location
    • The battery level of your phone
  • These are sent at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking for your location
  • Messages are sent discreetly – without you having to even look at your device
  • The ‘shake’ level can be set for each user – so it can be used by youngsters or aging people as well.
  • Any number of contacts can be entered. We could also have some sort of collaboration with first responders to have appropriate numbers coded into the app.


– The ‘SOS – Stay Safe!’ application is not to be considered a replacement for ordinary means of contacting emergency services, such as a fixed line telephone or mobile phone.
– If you are in immediate danger, are suffering a medical emergency or are the victim of a crime, please call the appropriate authorities and do not rely solely on the ‘SOS – Stay Safe!’¬†application.

Please view the full disclaimer in the fact sheet available here.





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