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StaySafe Business is a smartphone lone worker protection solution that notifies co-workers if you fail to check in safely or if you get into trouble whilst at work. Start your timed session and your smartphone will start transmitting your GPS location back to the Hub. The App can send a variety of alerts, including: Panic, Duress, Non Movement, Session Expiry or Low Battery back to the Hub. The Hub is a intuitive monitoring and response program that enables you to be able to resolve these alerts quickly and effectively. The Hub allows you to monitor many people almost anywhere in the world in real time, helping you to keep your workforce safe.Get in contact on our website for feature updates and enquiries.StaySafe Business Features:


-Cloud based resilient Hub

-Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry (& Windows in future)

-Phone to Hub and phone to phone communication via email and/or sms

-Real time tracking of your lone workers overlaid on a mapping or satellite image backdrop

-User controled tracking sessions

-The Hub hosts your procedures for easy access by the operator

-Audit trail of actions in the event of an alert

-Ability to view all users past sessions and activity


Optional Features:


-Lone Worker Policy and Procedure Consultancy

-Expert Lone Worker Advice

-On Site Training

-Bespoke Technical Development

-External Monitoring and Response Services





Per user, Per month

Download from Blackberry World

Available from our server

Download from Windows Phone Store

To be Developed


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