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STING is a shared mobile mapping and integrated multimedia manager that provides a live Common Operating Picture (COP) for both command and field units to maximize efficiency in precise force deployment with:Shared Situational Awareness

  • Improve visibility for all operations—as they transpire—by viewing real time markers, field intelligence and officer positions in a common operational picture.
  • Quickly orient individuals with peer-to-peer situational awareness— entire department can see every officer’s locations as well as additional operational assets.

Collect and Share Data Instantly

  • Immediately collect and share time-sensitive information for covert intelligence gathering missions or when the data integrity will not last for responding CSI units.
  • Review field data rapidly and immediately send orders, bulletins or mission updates back to the team— all in a few clicks.

Information Accuracy

  • Benefit from outdoor location accuracy better than most AVL systems and GPS enabled tactical radios—including performance in dense urban canyons.
  • Ensure collected data
is indisputable with automated time-stamping and geo-tagging for precise intelligence and evidence gathering.

Simple Interoperability

  • Effortlessly combine external law enforcement and first-responder teams for incident response, emergency management or undercover missions.
  • Easily add officer locations to CAD or GIS systems and effortlessly export field information to reports, evidence or RMS databases.





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STING is available for Android and iPhone!


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