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From the Developer

Tablet Command is the premier tactical worksheet app for iPad.Tap and drag tactical units onto an emergency scene, map progress against critical checklists, and time-stamp every maneuver throughout an incident.KEY TACTICAL FEATURES INCLUDE:

  • Drag and drop unit assignment
  • Toggleable scene views—satellite, map or worksheet view
  • Timestamps on every action
  • PAR timers on each unit
  • PAR Checklist
  • Resources configurability
  • Standard (2) and customizable checklists (unlimited)


  • Email timestamped incident reports to themselves or their superiors directly from the fire ground
  • Increase crew safety by recognizing crew fatigue or work-time status
  • Improve a working IC’s mobility and dual-purpose on the fireground
  • Assess overall incident status at a glance
  • Confidently track elapsed time on the fireground
  • Configure and customize an unlimited number of units
  • Create and use customized checklists for any type of emergency. (Three basic checklists come pre-loaded.)
  • Place resources on a satellite incident scene view (Especially useful for wildland.)
  • Learn from past mistakes by recreating incidents step-by-step, even months after they happened

Tablet Command works well for fires, law enforcement events, hazardous materials, traffic accidents, or multi-casualty incidents.






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